Create your first Flutter project

To create your first Flutter project on Mac you just need your terminal and editor, we are going to use Visual Studio Code with Dart Code Plugin.

If you haven’t installed Flutter Framework, please follow this tutorial
How to install Flutter on Mac.

1) Open the terminal on your Mac and cd to the directory you want to create your Flutter project.

Type this flutter create ff_tutorial_2

ff_tutorial_2 is my project name, you can use whatever you want. Your terminal should print something like this.

Create your first Flutter project

2) Open the project with Visual Studio Code, if you have Dart Code plugin you should see running simulator or device name on the right-bottom of the editor.

Create your first Flutter project


3) Now open terminal again or use Visual Studio Code terminal and type this

flutter run

Your first Flutter project will run on the simulator.

Create your first Flutter project

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