How to install Flutter on Mac

Install Flutter by homebrew on Mac

If you are looking for instruction for Windows or Linux, please click here. To install flutter on Mac, please follow these instructions.

1)  Download Flutter Framework .zip from Flutter GitHub, make sure you are downloading beta branch. Take a look at this screenshot.

install flutter

2) Create a directory called flutter in your home directory or wherever you want, I usually put this in my packages directory. So it looks like this ~/packages/flutter.

3) Update your .bash_profile. Open with your text editor or nano ~/.bash_profile on the terminal.  Add this line

export PATH=/Users/YourUserName/packages/flutter/bin:$PATH

Replace YourUserName with your Mac user.

install flutter

Now open the terminal and type flutter, you should see the list of available commands. It means flutter is installed successfully on your Mac.

install flutter

But we are not finished yet, Mac needs few more stuff.

4) Now type flutter doctor on the terminal just like brew doctor. It will check for errors. Install all the required dependencies from Homebrew.

Now you are ready to go.

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